Single-serving Cakes

Easy to serve on any occasion!

Single-serving Cakes

Easy to serve on any occasion!

120 g

1 serving

≤ -18° C 12 mesi

pieces per pack: 6

Monoporzione Trancio Sacher | Dolce Vivere

Trancio Sacher

Chocolate sponge cake filled with apricot preserve and decorated with chocolate.

Freschezze Mango e Lampone | Dolce Vivere

Freschezze Mango e Lampone

Soft sponge cake filled with vanilla cream, on a fragrant biscuit base. Filled and covered with creamy fruit semifreddo.

Monoporzione Cheesecake Cioccolato | Dolce Vivere

Cheesecake Cioccolato

Cream cheese on a white chocolate biscuit base. Filled and decorated with chocolate.

Monoporzione Pistacchio e Caramello | Dolce Vivere

Pistachios and Caramel

Soft sponge cake with caramel and pistachio cream filling. Decorated with gold icing.

Red Velvet

Soft red sponge cake with yogurt cream filling, decorated with red sponge cake.

Delizia Caffè

Coffee dome cake with whipped cream filling, covered with coffee cream.


Coffee-soaked ladyfingers with mascarpone filling and cocoa powder dusted on top.

Delizia Limone | Monoporzione Dolce Vivere

Delizia Limone

Lemon dome cake with limoncello cream filling, covered with limoncello cream.

Babà Rhum | Monoporzioni Dolce Vivere

Rum Babà

Handmade Babà with whipped cream, decorated with black cherries.

Cheesecake ai Frutti di Bosco | Monoporzione Dolce Vivere


Delicate biscuit base with yogurt filling, decorated with berries.

Ricotta and Pears

Two discs of shortcrust pastry, a filling with Williams pears and ricotta from Campania, and icing sugar dusted on top.

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